Quad products stand alone in the Hi-Fi world - renowned for their longevity; quality of build; and consistently high standard of performance. Since 1936, Quad has been at the very cutting edge of high-end audio winning acclaim and respect for our products around the world.


    Quad’s award winning service department regularly maintains products over 50 years in age; Products which still bring their owners immeasurable pleasure. Our build quality, and reputation for service is unequalled in the world of consumer electronics. In all our product development, we are proud of ensuring the philosophy of our founder, Peter Walker, remains consistent - to produce '...the closest approach to the original sound.'


    Our products are designed with the single aim of reproducing recorded music as accurately as possible. Simplicity of use and elegance of design are purely consequential to the application of sensible engineering principles. We have never sought to design statement pieces or style icons, yet almost every Quad product has become regarded as such.